IAN RICHARDSON, Film and TV appearances

Key: F=Film M=Mini Series V=Video
Title Company   Character
All's Well that Ends Well . V Bertram
Amour en Heritage, L' (aka. Mistral's Daughter) CBS 1984 M Adrian Avigdor
As You Like It BBC 1962 . le Beau
B.A.P.s 1996 F Alfred Manley, Butler
Backstage at Masterpiece Theatre: a Twentieth Anniversary Special, 1991 V .
Beauty and the Beast 1982 . .
Blunt Granada 1986 V Anthony Blunt
Brass 1983 . .
Brazil Universal 1986 F Mr Warrenn
Burning Secret Vestron 1988 . The father,
Mr Tuchman
Canterbury Tales, n.d. . . Arcite in The Knight's Tale
Canterville Ghost, The Carlton 1997 . .
Catherine the Great 1994 M Vorontzov
Charlie Muffin 1979 V Cuthbertson
Change of Place, A 1994 F Henri Chambertin
Churchill and the Generals BBC 1979 M Field Marshal Montgomery
Civilisation, n.d. BBC V Hamlet extract
Comedy of Errors, The 1964 . Antipholus of Ephesus
Cotswold Death, A BBC 1981 V .
Cry Freedom Universal 1978 F State Prosecutor
Danton's Death BBC 1978 V Robespierre
Dark City New Line 1997 F Mr Book
Darwin Adventure, The Twentieth Century Fox 1972 F Captain Fitzroy
Devil's Disciple, The BBC 1986 . General Burgoyne
Dirty Weekend 1993 F Nimrod
Eyeless in Gaza BBC 1971 . Anthony Beavis
Final Cut BBC 1995 M Francis Urquhart
Fifth Province, The Corncrake Productions 1996 . Dr Drudy
Foreign Affairs TNT 1993 V Edwin
Fourth Protocol, The Lorimar 1987 F Sir Nigel Irvine
Gauguin the Savage (aka In Search Of Eden) CBS 1980 V Degas
Gravy Train, The Portman 1990 V Michael Spearpoint
Gravy Train Goes East, The Portman 1991 V Michael Spearpoint
Hound of the Baskervilles, The Mapleton/Weintraub 1983 F Sherlock Holmes
House of Cards BBC 1991 M Francis Urquhart
Ike: the War Years ABC 1979 V Field Marshal Montgomery
Incognito RE Productions 1996 F Turley QC
In Search Of Eden (aka Gauguin the Savage) CBS 1980 V Degas
King of the Wind 1990 F Bey of Tunis
Kisch-Kisch BBC Wales 1983 V .
M. Butterfly Warner Bros. 1993 F Ambassador Toulon
Man of La Mancha United Artists 1972 F Padre
Marat/Sade 1966 F John-Paul Marat
Master of Ballantrae, The CBS 1994 V Andrew Mackeller
Midsummer Night's Dream, A 1968 F Oberon
Mistral's Daughter (aka Amour en Heritage, L') CBS 1984 M Adrian Avigdor
Mistress of Suspense, n.d. (Under a Dark Angel's Eye) Harlech 1989 V .
Monsignor Quixote 1985 V Bishop of Motopo
Mozart 1985 . Mozart's father
Mountbatten: the Last Viceroy Masterpiece Theatre 1986 V Jawaharlal Nehru
Much Ado About Nothing 1979 V Don John
Noel Coward Stories:
Star Quality
Masterpiece Theatre 1987 V Ray Malcom
Number 10 Yorkshire TV 1982 . Ramsay Macdonald
Oedipus . V .
One Foot in the Past BBC TV 1998 . Interview
Opera, miniseries, n.d. . . .
Passing Through BBC 1982 V .
Phantom of the Opera NBC 1990 M Choletti
Plot to Kill Hitler, The CBS 1990 V General Ludwig Beck
Porterhouse Blue 1986 M Sir Godber Evans
Private Schulz BBC 1980 M Major Neuheim and others
Private View/Audience (Play for Today), n.d. . V .
Pursuit (akaTwist of Fate) NBC 1989 V Dr Franz Schlossberg
Remember NBC 1993 V Philip Rawlings
Renaissance PBS 1993 . Narrator
Rosencrantz and Guilderstein Are Dead Cinecom Intn'l 1993 F Polonius
Royal Scandal, A PBS 1996 . Narrator
Russian Night 1941 BBC 1982 V .
Salad Days 1983 . several parts
Savage Play 1994 . The Earl
Sign of the Four, The Mapleton/Weintraub 1983 F Sherlock Holmes
Six Centuries of Verse 1984 . .
Slimming Down, n.d. . V .
Sorry BBC 1978 . .
Star Quality BBC 1985 . Ray Malcolm
Timewatch: Memo From Machiavelli, n.d. . V Niccolo Machiavelli
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy BBC 1979 M Bill Haydon
To play the King BBC 1994 M Francis Urquhart
Treasure Seekers, The 1996 M Mr Haig (moneylender)
Troubles 1986 . Edward Spenser
Twist of Fate (aka Pursuit) NBC 1989 V Dr Franz Schlossberg
Under a Dark Angel's Eye, n.d. (V) Harlech 1989 . .
Underdog 1982 . Ramsey MacDonald
Ungentlemanly Act, An 1992 V Govenor Rex Hunt
Voyage Round My Father, A, n.d. . V The Son
We Never Make Mistakes, n.d. BBC 1982 V .
Whoops Apocalypse ITC Entertainment 1987 F Rear Admiral Bendish
Winslow Boy, The,
Great Performances
BBC 1990 V Sir Robert Morton
Woman in White, The * BBC 1982 V Frederick Fairlie
Woman in White, The * 1997 . Frederick Fairlie (again)
Words Upon the Window Pane 1994 . Dr Trench
Year of the Comet Columbia 1993 F Sir Mason Harwood